Exhibit A (Diagram of School)
You Honor, it has been stipulated that Exhibit A us the diagram of Park Lane High school
I am handing a copy to opposing counsel.
My I the witnesses with exhibit A
Detective Rily would this diagram of Park Lane High School Assist you in your stimony.
The State would like to offer Exhibit A into evidence at this time.

When did you arrive? At approximately 12:35 p.m.

Please describe for the jury what you found at the school, using Exhbiit A as needed.

Your honor, I would like to publish Exhibit A to the jury at this time

Hand Exhibit A to the jury.

What did you do next?

What happened next? Keep asking questions until that day is covered. End with bomb squad taking the disabled container to the lab for analysis p.10, line 3.

What else did you do on the case that day? There was nothing else to do at that point until I got the lab results back.

When did you get the lab results? I got the lab results the very next morning, on April 8th.

What did they show? Witness describes results.

What happened next on the case? Describe Sawyer Simpson coming in and what he said.


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