Your Honor, our team is the defensive side, representing the defendant in this case of the State vs Campbell. What we know right now is that there was a bomb located outside the patio by the cafeteria in the garbage can. According to Dr. Killian there were no fingerprints found on the device itself, finding fingerprints in paint thinner in Campbell garage wouldn’t be unusual since both Doxene and paint thinner are two common household chemicals that can be bought at any hardware store. Or would you say it’s a crime to have Clorox for my own use? The Crew would always lord over the patio area before and after lunch on a daily basis. According to Sawyer Simpson’s own words their “gang” is superior over everyone at school. There have been many complains from students relating a lot of bullying and harassment from their so called “crew”. Casey himself has confessed that he was bullied and pushed around by them. Students and one of the counselors at Park Lane High School have witnessed Brady a student at the school transfer due to the overwhelming bullying of the crew. That same student was anonymously accused of vandalizing the school, but was acquitted after questioning. It is our understanding that another “anonymous” caller reported the bomb on the patio. But who is this “anonymous” caller? Prosecution might call Casey a terrorist when in reality he’s the victim of terrorism. Unreliable sources claimed to have seen Casey was seen that day walking by the patio. There a lot of kids in school it could’ve been other people because many kids pass by there everyday. The garbage can is in the center of the school. No one knows for sure, there is absolutely no evidence that Mr. Campbell was anywhere near the bomb. Mr. Campbell failed chemistry where Simpson was the best out of the class. Casey wouldn’t have the knowledge to build such a complex device of destruction. The facts will show that young Casey Campbell is not guilty of possessing explosive or destructive devices in a public place with the  intent to murder. Mr. Campbell is absolutely not guilty  of such a terrible unforgivable crime.


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