1. Did the art class help Casey get his anger out?
  2. Were Casey and Sawyer  together in the parking lot before the bell?  Did that pose any questions for you?
  3. Did you think Casey have angry problems?
  4. Why did it surprise you when Sawyer made a comment about Brady not being such a good graffiti artist?Why did that bother him so much?



2 thoughts on “Mrs.Cortez

  1. 1a) How well do you Campbell?
    1.5a) Was there something in Campbell’s life that caused to him to be stressed?
    2a) What did you offer him to get the stress out?
    3a) Did the class help him?

    4a) When was first time you met Mr. Simpson?How did he stand out?
    5a) How well would you say you know Mr. Simpson?
    5b) So is it fair to guess that Mr. Simpson is a powerful person at the school?
    5c) So do i understand that Mr.Simpson is a leader of a gang?
    6a) How much time do you spend with Campbell?
    7a) How much time do you spend with Simpson?

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