Sawyer Simpson

What do you like to do in your free time ?

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

How would your friends describe you?

Who do you trust the most out all of your friends?

How was your schedule that day?







2 thoughts on “Sawyer Simpson

    • 1)The day of the bomb you were taking a test?Did you plan taking this 2)test with the teacher before?
      3)What kind of test was it?
      4)Your pretty good at chemistry aren’t you?
      5)In fact , it is the class you are best in?
      6)You even Won Park Lane Chemist Of The Year?
      7)Mrs Simpson, you were worried that Casey was going to report you again to the school counselor for your continued bullying, weren’t you?
      8)Mrs Sawyer, the group of students you hang out with at school is nicknamed “The Crew” correct?
      9)And sometimes, the crew likes to mess around and have a little fun?
      And this included shouting at Casey when you saw him walking home from school?
      10)Or joking with Casey whenever he is around?
      11)And In March of 2012 the school Counselor Cortez has told you that some students were complaining that you and your group were picking on them, didn’t he?
      12)And the counselor warned you that if there was another complaint all of your senior activities would be taken away?
      13)You immediately assumed it was Casey didn’t you?
      14)Then on Wednesday, April 5th after school Casey walked by you and your friends?
      15)And you initiated conversation by saying “Don’t you want to hand out with us?”
      16)And Casey responded by saying that “You will be sorry you ever picked on me”?
      17)And, based on what the Counselor told you knew that if Casey complained about you all your senior activities would be taken away.?

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